3 Replies to “आखिर के ठगाता”

  1. I have read all the stories of this book. Liked them very much. Written in choicest bhojpuri words, some stories appear to be real and
    very touching. Style of writing is also very interesting.
    A must read book for the Bhojpuri world.

  2. सभी कहानियां काफी स्तरीय, भावुकता पूर्ण और भोजपुरी माटी के गंध से ओत-प्रोत | इसके लिए डा० मिश्र को अनेकानेक बधाई | भविष्य में उनकी कलम से ऐसी ही भोजपुरी कहानियों द्वारा भोजपुरी-साहित्य के समृद्ध होने की आशा |

  3. A must read for every bhojpuri lover. This book describes the beauty of how bhojpuri stories is still alive. The choice of words used and reading the story is so realistic that one can imagine and See it reading in front of their eyes.. Written by excellent story teller and most famous statistician who have changed and encouraged lifes of many.. Must read… Read all the stories to know the beauty of bhojpuri soils and it’s importance….

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